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There’s not many things in life better than a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. (It’s the small things, right?!) Not only does your morning cup of joe deliver a daily dose of delight as well as a smooth, earthy aroma, but it also contains a host of health benefits too. Here are five health benefits of coffee.

#1 Coffee is Good for Brain Health

Drinking coffee can be good for brain health. Coffee can improve memory and reflexes,boost thinking skills and increase mental focus and alertness.

#2 Coffee Fights Aging

In a study from Spain, coffee and coffee extracts were shown to fight oxidative stressin human cells, which is one of the main causes of aging. Who needs a face lift when we have coffee!

#3 Coffee Can Lead to a Longer Life

Believe it or not, drinking coffee can lower your risk of mortality. Now you don’t have to feel bad about going for that second cup!

#4 Coffee is Loaded with Antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent cell damage, fight against free radicals and can seriously decrease inflammation in the body. Lucky for us (and you) coffee is loaded with antioxidants.

#5 Coffee Decreases the Risk of Disease

Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetesas well as other diseases including Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s diseaseand depression.Studies even show that regularly drinking coffee can possibly reduce the risk of heart diseaseand stroke.

Now that you know some of the health benefits of coffee, here are five things to keep in mind when drinking coffee.

5 Tips for Coffee Connoisseurs

#1 Know Your Coffee Roaster

Know your coffee roaster and their sourcing methods to make sure they’re ethically sourcing their coffee beans. Coffee roasters, like these, ethically source their coffee beans so you don’t have to spend time doing the research. I like marketplaces like Javaya™ because they’ve already done that for you!

#2 Avoid Excess Sugars or Sweeteners

I personally like to avoid adding sugar or sweetners to my coffee because I prefer to drink my coffee black. I think it tastes better on its own without any excess sweeteners, but if you prefer a hint of added sweetness, go for it!

#3 Swap Your Dairy

If you enjoy adding a splash of milk to your coffee, try something new instead of your traditional milk of choice. For example, swap your dairy milk for an alternative milk. Some of my personal favorites include almond milk, cashew milk or even coconut milk.

#4 Avoid Flavored Coffee

Less is more, so try and avoid flavored and novelty coffees. Just like I mentioned in my first point, these are laden with excess sugar, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Instead, seek a higher quality coffee that has naturally-occurring flavors and notes that you love, like these.

#5 Listen to Your Body

Coffee doesn’t sit well with everyone and if you are one of them, don’t over do it! Just one to two cups of coffee will deliver a load of health benefits. However, if you begin to notice you are having trouble sleeping at night, you may want to cut down on your caffeine intake with some delicious decaf. If you’re sensitive to acidity, use this as an opportunity to try some of Javaya™ low acidityor no aciditycoffees.


Consider this: Is it better to buy a fresh pair of Nike shoes from Foot Locker or from Phil Knight himself? 

If you answered "from the Shoe Dog himself" then you know things are just better when you buy them from the original visionaries who crafted them. (If you answered "they're just shoes, who cares where you get them from?" then you can stop reading this now)

Thing is, coffee is no different. Sure, you can buy tasty coffee from grocery stores, bodegas, heck you can even get decent coffee on Amazon! But nothing substitutes getting fresh coffee directly from the source.

However, there's a lot of confusion about the difference between a Cafe and a Coffee Roaster. Coffee Roasters are the Phil Knights of coffee -- they handcraft their vision for what a great cup should be. Just like you can buy Nike shoes from Nike Stores, Foot Lockers and other retailers, or online ... you can also buy a craft coffee roaster's coffee in their own cafes, at your local coffee shop, or online too.

So now that we've made that perfectly clear, let's talk about 14 of the best craft coffee roasters in Chicago (and where to buy their coffee if you don't live in the Windy City).

Big Shoulders Coffee Roasters

Shop Big Shoulders Coffee

What makes them special: Big Shoulders Coffee offers a daily selection of meticulously selected, pristinely roasted coffees — as well as limited-time special feature coffees, single-origin coffees from micro coffee producers and seasonal blends.

Ipsento Coffee

Shop Ipsento Coffee

What makes them special: Ipsento was founded in 2006 with the idea that all people are on a journey of self-discovery. The word is a Latin portmanteau created by the founders, ipse + sentio (“self” + “to discover”).

When it comes to coffee, this translates to showcasing the farm-to-table journey: they seek to honor all the craftspeople involved in bringing customers a unique and delectable cup. Ipsento does this by sourcing directly and roasting to excellence on their custom Deidrich roasters. Their two stores and roasting lab are located in Bucktown, on the northwest side of Chicago, where they have met many nice dogs.

Metropolis Coffee Company

Shop Metropolis Coffee

What makes them special: Coffee, like art, has an aesthetic. Metropolis's coffee aesthetic is rooted in the belief that great coffee comes from a line of respect beginning with the farmers and their respect for their land. They, in turn, respect the farmers by paying fair prices for their harvest, and respect their customers by taking great care in the roasting and brewing process. Respect is at the core of our coffee philosophy, and taste is paramount.

Halfwit Coffee Roasters

Shop Halfwit Coffee

What makes them special: Founded in 2012, Halfwit Coffee Roasters began as a way to provide baristas and consumers alike with a panoramic understanding of coffee, from the first leaf to the final sip. They take it slow, never letting growth be their defining goal, and listening to the needs of their existing customers first. And Halfwit keeps it fun, because no one should take themselves - or their coffee - too seriously.

They try to understand and respect their place in a global system, by learning about and visiting their partners at origin and always paying fair prices for coffee. Halfwit invests in the education of their partners with a comprehensive training program, centered on a holistic and evolving understanding of coffee, not just a mechanical overview. As a company they strive to make improvements in the communities they work in, whether it is in the coffee industry at large or simply the neighborhoods they work out of.

Passion House Coffee Roasters

Shop Passion House Coffee

What makes them special: When Joshua Millman started Passion House in 2011, he set out to create great coffee that everyone could enjoy. With over twenty years of experience, the team at Passion House works closely with farmers to source sustainable and ethically grown coffees of the utmost quality. Everything is roasted by hand in small batches on a 1957 cast-iron Probat roaster to craft balanced and complex coffees. They want everyone to love great coffees as much as they do, so they offer three genres for different tastes: Ambient, Mainstream, and Experimental.

Groundswell Coffee Roasters

Shop Groundswell Coffee

What makes them special: Groundswell's brand is inspired by the true story of Ernest Shackleton's trans-Antarctic expedition. "fortitudine vincimus" (by endurance we conquer) is the company mantra.

Groundswell has three coffee shops located in Chicago, including Ravenswood, Lincoln Square and West Loop. Several of Groundswell's shops feature equipment exclusive to Chicago (and in some cases the United States), such as a pair of "Oji" Japanese Kyoto-style slow drippers and "Silodesign Paris" pour overs. Our coffee is roasted in small batches on a Diedrich IR-5 roaster, combining experience and technology to create consistent and repeatable roast profiles.

Abacus Coffee Roasters

Shop Abacus Coffee

What makes them special: Founder, Brian, has been involved in coffee since 1996. In Kalamazoo, MI, he trained baristas at Water Street Coffee Joint until he and friends opened a not-for-profit arts collective called The Space in 2001. Frain managed the coffee bar, which paid the rent on the 1,800 square foot facility that housed a 70-seat theater, a 300-person capacity music venue, an art gallery and more. In 2003 he founded Rocket Star Coffee Shop on Western Michigan’s campus. From 2004 to 2008, he consulted on a variety of small town coffeehouses/programs in Sturgis, Three Rivers and Allegan Michigan. In September of 2008, he moved to Chicago to work under World Barista Champion Michael Phillips in East Lakeview at Intelligentsia’s flagship location on Broadway. Brian managed the Monadnock Intelligentsia on Jackson in the Loop before accepting a position running Wholesale for new coffee roaster Bow Truss in 2012. From 2013 to 2014 he also served as Director of Operations for the company before leaving to start Abacus in the summer of 2015. Sourcing, roasting, serving and drinking coffee are a lifelong passion of Brian’s, and he and the rest of the Abacus team are thrilled to offer delicious coffees to wholesale customers throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond!

Bridgeport Coffee Company

Shop Bridgeport Coffee

What makes them special: In 2018 Bridgeport Coffee will start their 14th year of business, moving from a single retail location to now three retail locations and a dedicated roastery. They have direct import relationships with several excellent coffee farms, and they also sell green beans to other roasters who appreciate their sourcing quality. Their coffees appear in the finest retail groceries and they also support a thriving wholesale business.

Bridgeport is a no-nonsense, unpretentious “get the job done” neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. This also reflects Bridgeport's attitude toward roasting: they care passionately about quality sourcing and superb flavor profiles, but not about the pretensions of specialty coffee. They are hardworking, down-to-earth people who do not compromise on roasting excellence. In 2011 their flagship location was named the #1 Coffeehouse in Chicago (a very crowded field) by TimeOut Chicago.

Their mission is to bring the highest quality of well-sourced beans to the greatest number of people — especially in their area of geographic focus, the South Side of Chicago. Their success has been the direct result of their farm relationships, their business and community relationships, their dedication to employees, and their continuing quest for ever-greater technical excellence in sourcing and roasting. Their fluid-bed roasting facility means that our beans are roasted in air that moves instead of metal that can burn — offering a more sophisticated experience in every cup.

Their brand seeks a high level of corporate citizenship and community involvement. They named one of our roasts Bubbly Creek, after the polluted branch of the Chicago River that borders Bridgeport. Local customers were appalled that they had chosen this name — until they realized that a portion of the proceeds from every bag of Bubbly Creek coffee is donated to the Wetlands Initiative, which works to restore the natural environment of area wetlands and area waterways.

Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters

Shop Conscious Cup Coffee

What makes them special: Great coffee is grown by farmers committed to quality, sustainability, and community. Conscious Cup buys and roasts coffee from the world’s best farms. They look for unique and special single origin coffees and they create incredible seasonal blends.

Four Letter Word Coffee

Shop Four Letter Word Coffee

What makes them special: Four Letter Word is a project brought forth by childhood friendship, a love for good coffee, good design & good people.

A trip from Chicago to visit with friends from the city on the Bosphorus, in Istanbul, Turkey developed into a collaboration of ideas regarding a mutual interest in coffee.

In 2013, a coffee roastery was born on the island of Burgaz, off the coast of Istanbul. The Fall of 2015 brings its sister location to Chicago at The Plant, a vertical farm focused on sustainable closed-loop systems located in the Back of The Yards, Chicago.

Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Shop Gaslight Coffee

What makes them special: Gaslight Coffee Roasters opened in 2012 in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Since then they've had one goal - serve the best coffee possible without any of the pretension that often accompanies the speciality coffee industry. They are a true neighborhood shop. Gaslight works with a variety of importers both large and small to find the highest quality coffees available that are transparently and fairly sourced. They feel they have a responsibility to the coffee farmers to honor the hard work that’s already been done at origin.

Hexe Coffee Co.

Shop Hexe Coffee

What makes them special: The Black Sheep of Chicago Coffee. No Cafes, no baristas. Just men and machines, taking time to provide the most unique cup of coffee ( or bottle) to this concrete jungle.

Starting in 2016, Hexe coffee set out to bring something different to the coffee culture in Chicago. Seeing as there was already no shortage of great coffee in the city, off to the lab it was. Hexe Coffee Co. specializes in Barrel-Aged Coffees, from whiskey to wine as well as a few other dark spirits. Try a non-aged specialty blend too!

River City Roasters

Shop River City Coffee

What makes them special: River City Roasters exists to build community through the avenue of specialty coffee. Their journey started in 2008 when they visited tea villages in northeast Assam, India. People there taught them to slow down & enjoy the company of others over tea and biscuits. River City Roasters takes this passion and strives to do the same with their coffees. They want the farmers to be represented properly with the way River City roasts their coffee for your enjoyment. They believe in doing their best to represent what farmers intended for their coffees to be. Enjoy!

Tala Coffee Roasters

Shop Tala Coffee

What makes them special: Tala Coffee Roasters is a roastery based out of Libertyville, Illinois. They launched Tala summer of 2017 in a warehouse selling our coffee online and through wholesale partnerships. By spring of next year they will have their first cafe in Highwood, Illinois. Their mission is to bring specialty coffee to people in a way that is approachable. They internally hold themselves to high standards through the process of green buying all the way to brewing yet want this information and skill they have to be incredibly welcoming to their customers. Good coffee should be for everyone and they strive to not alienate anyone from the specialty dialog or experience but welcome them in and introduce them to what good coffee can taste like.


A landmark study from two top-tier universities has found a correlation between coffee and some lifespan-extending health outcomes (specifically, liver function and immune response). The authors of the study caution jumping to conclusions, but we all know what this means: Coffee Saves Lives!

One of the studies, the most comprehensive of its kind yet, involved data from 500K+ people across ten European countries and 16 years of follow-up research. The other study found the same health benefits across a broader range of population type (e.g. race) and also found that both decaf and regular coffee provided the same health benefits. 

What positive health benefits do you experience from your daily cup(s) of joe? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Inc.


UPDATE: We've been featured in ABC 7 Chicago's "Chicago Proud" segment for this effort!

Javaya is excited to announce that we've partnered with Metropolis Coffee Company this holiday season to donate over 130 pounds of craft coffee to troops on the front lines. We've also secured another 10 pounds of donated coffee from Ipsento Coffee of Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. This announcement comes in conjunction with our official launch of Coffee For Courage, our new charitable mission to bring "a taste of home" to those defending America's freedom abroad.

Javaya is partnering with local coffee roasters, military combat veterans, local businesses, and the military to bring the absolute best small batch premium local coffees directly to troops on the front lines around the world.

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Here at Javaya, we take freshness very seriously. It's built into everything we do. It's our obsession. At the end of the day, we simply believe that fresh coffee is the best coffee. But don't take our word for it.

According to this article, citing coffee consultant and expert Sherri Jones, there are very specific guidelines for how to treat your fresh beans. 

Here is our tl;dr summary of the article:

  1. Don't freeze them. Don't refrigerate them.
  2. Store them in a clean, airtight, non-porous container.
  3. Buy fresh coffee! You'll find a great selection right here on Javaya
  4. Buy small quantities
  5. Consume it quickly
  6. There are lots of things you can do with stale beans. Making coffee with them isn't one of them.
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Cool fact about Metropolis…

Co-Founder Jeff Dreyfuss knows 11 languages, and speaks four of them – Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese and Italian – relatively fluently. He also speaks Polish, French, Russian, German, Arabic and Portuguese at varying degrees of fluency.

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Cool fact about Passion House...

The philosophy at Passion House is simple: be good to others and great coffee will follow. 

As their name suggests, Passion House was born out of, well, a passion for coffee.  These guys truly love what they do and they want to share it with people. 

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Cool fact about Ipsento…

Their mantra is “The best coffees tell stories.”  We couldn’t agree more!!

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Cool fact about Big Shoulders…

Founder Tim Coonan is a former chef, working in Chicago, France, and New York. He also ran restaurants in Michigan, and has teaching experience at Washburne Culinary Institute and the French Pastry School.

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Cool fact about Groundswell…

Groundswell’s West Loop location features a pair of Oji Kyoto-style slow-drip towers.  These gorgeous towers use the variable of (lots of) time, not temperature, to extract a brew that's more refined and aromatic than cold brew methods that require steeping grounds completely in water.  Good things come to those who wait!

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