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There’s not many things in life better than a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. (It’s the small things, right?!) Not only does your morning cup of joe deliver a daily dose of delight as well as a smooth, earthy aroma, but it also contains a host of health benefits too. Here are five health benefits of coffee.

#1 Coffee is Good for Brain Health

Drinking coffee can be good for brain health. Coffee can improve memory and reflexes,boost thinking skills and increase mental focus and alertness.

#2 Coffee Fights Aging

In a study from Spain, coffee and coffee extracts were shown to fight oxidative stressin human cells, which is one of the main causes of aging. Who needs a face lift when we have coffee!

#3 Coffee Can Lead to a Longer Life

Believe it or not, drinking coffee can lower your risk of mortality. Now you don’t have to feel bad about going for that second cup!

#4 Coffee is Loaded with Antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent cell damage, fight against free radicals and can seriously decrease inflammation in the body. Lucky for us (and you) coffee is loaded with antioxidants.

#5 Coffee Decreases the Risk of Disease

Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetesas well as other diseases including Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s diseaseand depression.Studies even show that regularly drinking coffee can possibly reduce the risk of heart diseaseand stroke.

Now that you know some of the health benefits of coffee, here are five things to keep in mind when drinking coffee.

5 Tips for Coffee Connoisseurs

#1 Know Your Coffee Roaster

Know your coffee roaster and their sourcing methods to make sure they’re ethically sourcing their coffee beans. Coffee roasters, like these, ethically source their coffee beans so you don’t have to spend time doing the research. I like marketplaces like Javaya™ because they’ve already done that for you!

#2 Avoid Excess Sugars or Sweeteners

I personally like to avoid adding sugar or sweetners to my coffee because I prefer to drink my coffee black. I think it tastes better on its own without any excess sweeteners, but if you prefer a hint of added sweetness, go for it!

#3 Swap Your Dairy

If you enjoy adding a splash of milk to your coffee, try something new instead of your traditional milk of choice. For example, swap your dairy milk for an alternative milk. Some of my personal favorites include almond milk, cashew milk or even coconut milk.

#4 Avoid Flavored Coffee

Less is more, so try and avoid flavored and novelty coffees. Just like I mentioned in my first point, these are laden with excess sugar, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Instead, seek a higher quality coffee that has naturally-occurring flavors and notes that you love, like these.

#5 Listen to Your Body

Coffee doesn’t sit well with everyone and if you are one of them, don’t over do it! Just one to two cups of coffee will deliver a load of health benefits. However, if you begin to notice you are having trouble sleeping at night, you may want to cut down on your caffeine intake with some delicious decaf. If you’re sensitive to acidity, use this as an opportunity to try some of Javaya™ low acidityor no aciditycoffees.

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